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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Management & Handling of Prescription Requests

  1. Why do I have to come in and make an appointment to have my prescription refilled? I have never had to do this before?
    Effective April 1, 2011 QHCC will make (made) an operational change in how we manage and handle all patient requests for prescription refills. The change was made for the following reasons:

    1. Patient safety in managing all prescription medications,
    2. Continuity of care and accuracy of medication management across our health system (from outpatient to inpatient and vice versa),
    3. Preparation and readiness for one system EMR in January, 2012.
    4. Streamline the multiple requests for prescriptions by patients, pharmacies, other facilities to the MD

  2. In having to make an appointment, I now have to make another co-payment. This is financially burdensome for me?
    We recognize your situation. We will need to work together by doing the following:

    1. Bring in your medication bottles at each visit so that we can update your medication list.
    2. Prepare for the visit by informing the staff which medications you need refilled. Being able to read the prescription bottle label knowledgeably is key to knowing not only the medication you are on, but which MD ordered it and if refills exist. The pharmacy where you filled your prescription can review this with you.
    3. QHCC will coordinate your refills and future appointments as best as possible to avoid unnecessary medical visits.

  3. If the Pharmacy calls/faxes QHCC, will QHCC fill their request to refill my medications?
    No. The refill request must come directly from you and be in conjunction with an office visit. We have to have the request come directly from you because QHCC receives too many requests via mail order/ faxes from Pharmacies (mail order or local) that have already been filled, requests for medications that have been discontinued, medications ordered by other MDs, etc. Our number one goal is patient safety and continuity of care so it is best that you work directly with QHCC.
  5. If a prescription was ordered by another MD, can you refill it for me if I come in for a visit?
    No. Even if you are an established patient with QHCC, we are not able to refill a prescription ordered by another MD. The MD who prescribed the medication is responsible for your continuity of care and you will need to make an appointment with him/her for future refills.
  7. I will be establishing care with QHCC, but need a refill now. Will QHCC make any exceptions to ensuring I have an adequate supply of my meds before my appointment?
    You must be an already established patient of QHCC for a QHCC MD to write any prescriptions for you. Once again, our number one goal is you our patient and your medical safety.
  9. What if by chance I am on a trip and I run out of medications. Will QHCC refill my medications?
    No. Planning is a key element whenever anyone travels. Plan ahead to have enough medications for the duration of your trip and to ensure if an unforeseen emergency occurs you are prepared. (ie., travel delay, etc).
  11. Will I be able to get a same day appointment if I need a medication refill?
    Yes. However, medication refill appointments should not be an emergency or urgent situation. With good planning, your office visit and all medication refills can be managed well.